Maurice Hennessy visits Vancouver

With a strong group of ingenious mixologists and vibrant restaurant scene it’s no surprise that one of Europe’s most regal brands finds Vancouver a market of interest. In fact, us British Columbians seemingly enjoy our cognac, as our provincial sales of Hennessy products at the XO level or higher is 19 per cent, which is three times the national level.

Maurice Hennessy of renowned Hennessy cognac fame (8th generation of the prestigious family) visited Vancouver last week to speak to the growing trend of cognac cocktails over lunch at Wildebeest with a small group of media and mixologists. In his first visit back to the city in over ten years, Maurice Hennessy shared some insights on ways that you can best enjoy his family’s cognac. Read on to learn more about the lessons from the Cognac King himself, who may have fine cognac running through his veins.


1. Humbold squid cassoulet, wild garlic

2. Hennessy Citrus (Hennessy Very Special, honey, elderflower, sparkling)

1. Pork belly and trotters stuffed with chicken liver mousse

2. Hennessy Ginger (Hennessy Very Special, honey, ginger, Ardbeg 10)

1. Roasted sweetbreads with wild mushrooms
Pictured above: Hennessy Apply (Hennessy Very Special, cynar, punt e mes, French vermouth, apple)

2. Braised short ribs

 1. Wildebeest donuts with cherry blossoms with honey filling

2. Hennessy Berry (Hennessy Very Special, blueberry, cherry blossom)


Cognac: Cognac is a brandy that is produced in the Cognac region in France about 75 miles north of the winemaking area of Bordeaux.

Cognac cocktails – What’s old is new again: Cognac is typically consumed as a long drink, sipped slowly over ice but as of late, it is increasingly being used as a base for high-end cocktails. But this isn’t a new trend, and it’s definitely not part of a new marketing campaign. Maurice shares that cognac cocktails “have been around for a long, long time.” The most popular city for the consumption of cognac cocktails? Vancouver – beating out Montreal and Toronto.

“Chlorine gives a bad taste to my Hennessy”: If you are going to go drink Hennessy on the rocks (as a long drink or in a cocktail), make ice cubes with bottle water.

Don’t use soda from a gun: Not applicable for consumption at home, but if your cocktail is going to use soda, do not use soda from a gun.

Hennessy is the uncontested leader in Cognac spirits, selling 50 million bottles a year around the world. No other Cognac offers such a diverse selection that allows the spirit to be enjoyed in multiple ways, from a traditional snifter to surprising cocktails.

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