Matt & Kim return to headline the Richmond World Festival

Dec 20 2017, 1:00 am

There are high-energy shows, and then there are Matt & Kim shows. The Brooklyn-based indie dance duo are known for their live performances and beat-driven anthems, and they return to our neck of the woods on September 5 as they headline the Richmond World Festival.

The Richmond World Festival is the city’s latest signature event, set to take place over one day. It features music, food, artisan markets and sports. Performers at the event include Vancouver’s En Karma, Grammy winner Alex Cuba, and headliners Matt & Kim.

The duo, who recently played at Pemberton Music Festival, released their latest full length album “New Glow” earlier this year. Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums) formed back in 2004, and have since released five studio albums, four of which reached peak positions on indie charts.

Matt & Kim’s raw energy is contagious as they dance around on stage and perform sing-along verses with their fans. As they prepare for their upcoming return to B.C., we caught up with Matt over the phone to chat about all things Canadian, working out, and what to bring to their Richmond show.


Where are you currently?

I’m on the same coast, down in L.A. I was so surprised when we were up north of you for Pemberton Festival, how hot that got. Do you think it’s going to be like that in September?

I like the heat, so I hope so. It’s been really warm here though.

Good to know. I’ll prepare, I’ll bring my short-shorts.

Awesome, we like those up here. So a little while ago, you injured your left hand but continued to tour. How is it healing?

It’s not healing great. I took a crash on stage in Denver, and my doctor said ‘broken bones will usually heal in roughly six weeks if you take it easy on them.’ And I’ll tell you something, I have not been taking it easy. I just made a fist while we talked. It’s not slowing me down. I just tape the two fingers together. Fingers are overrated.

How was your experience at the Pemberton Music Festival?

It was so cool. It’s such a scenic place. From our stage, I could see snow-capped mountains. And the heat didn’t scare any of the festival goers, they were still dancing, jumping around and crowd-surfing. I couldn’t have asked for more. Except for we had to leave during Weezer’s set. We were hearing “The Sweater Song” as we were driving away.

Very fitting for that song actually.  So who’s (or who are) your favourite Canadian artists/bands?

Tokyo Police Club, do you know them?

Yes, of course.

They are one of my favourites. They have an album called Elephant Shell and I just listened to it yesterday for my billionth time. I have them on repeat often.

Your shows are known for being high energy, and they really pump up the crowd. But before you hit the stage, what’s Matt and Kim’s favourite pump up music?

I don’t know if you’re aware of the Meek Mill/Drake clash. Everyone seems to be on Team Drake for whatever reason, but Meek Mill for me is definitely one of our pump up artists. We’re huge hip hop fans, especially high energy stuff. The song “Dreams & Nightmares”… by the end of it I’m standing on something and I don’t even know how I got up there.

And here I was just going to ask you what you thought of Drake.

All I know is Drake and Meek Mill have a song called “Amen” that they made together, which is an incredible song, and they should just stop their beef and start making more beautiful music again. That’s my take.

On Twitter you once asked, “Does drinking and working out count as working out?” – did you ever find the answer to that?

Granted, I do not promote reckless drinking by any means. If you happen to get black out drunk, you only do regrettable things at that time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if that happens and then you found yourself at a 24-hour gym working out super hard? You wake up the next day, you didn’t even realize you were pumping iron all night and you’re extra fit. If things like that happened black out drunk, I would probably do it more often. You don’t even know it happened. But we’re going to continue to make terrible decisions, like ‘actually, I want to take a nap on the side of this person’s truck.’

So you’re on your way back north soon. What are you looking forward to the most about returning to our beautiful province?

It’s that word that you just said. I haven’t spent that much time up there but I love the surroundings of the mountains. There’s also a cross between a potato chip and a wheat thins, I think it’s called Crispers? I’m looking forward to that. We don’t have those in the States.

That and Ketchup chips, right?

Oh no, Ketchup chips? Stay away from that. Crispers all day.

So fans should bring Crispers to the show?

Yes. Throw Crispers on stage.

[youtube id=”nsMCb20zueY”]


So grab your Crispers, and check out Matt & Kim on September 5th at the Richmond World Festival.

And for the record, I am Team Drake.


Richmond World Festival

When: September 5, 2015 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: Minoru Park, 7191 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC

Tickets: Admission is free.


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