Mats Sundins First Game as a Vancouver Canuck

Dec 19 2017, 11:45 am

Well since the signing of the Swedish icon Mats Sundin, this town has been in a tizzy eagerly anticipating his first game as a Canuck. For his part Mats has always maintained he will not rush into playing, which is the smart move since he has been inactive (at an NHL level) for 9 months now.Lets take this man for his word, after all he did not rush his decision to return to the NHL. Judging by the photo it seems as though even Mats is perplexed.

Let us take a look at the upcoming schedule (excluding tonights game against the Thrashers):January 4 against the Stars (home game)
January 7 against the Oilers (away game)
January 9 against the Blues (home game)
January 10 against the Sharks (home game)
January 13 against the Devils (home game)

I’ve limited the games to five as I believe he will play before the 15th of January. I believe January 10th against the Sharks will be his first start. I may be wrong but you probably don’t want to bet against me, after all I am a voodoo technician and have made extensive use of my calculator brain to analyze the probabilities of Mats Sundin’s first game as a Canuck.

Now I must get ready for work…

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