Martin's Apple Chips buzz about the city rewarding everyday healthy choices

Sep 9 2016, 4:49 am

Two bees named Polly and Nate were sighted on city streets yesterday as part of a healthy snack revolution.

Martin’s Apple Chips sent its human bees to the streets with the mission of handing out its 100% Canadian-made snacks as a reward to urbanites making healthy choices.

Buzzing by on bikes, the bees distributed the yummy packets to celebrate everyday healthy choices made all over the city.

Martin’s Apple Chips snack offers the same crunch as a traditional chip but with tons of perks – no fat, gluten-free, no preservatives, and no sugar added.

Gym goers received chips after their workouts, happy to be swapping their kettlebells for apple chip bags.

Next, they hit the trails to help sweaty hikers mark their route and provide sustenance in the form of crunchy, healthy chips on their way to the top.

The bee’s pop up stunt succeeded in starting a chip revolution. Now locals know that a healthy habit is worth rewarding with a healthy snack. Share your healthy changes with the Martin’s bees using the hashtag #changeyourchip.

Skip on over to Costco and Starbucks Canada to stock your snack drawer with Martin’s Apple Chips, perfect for busy bees who’d like to stash their bag with a healthy snack.

Stay in the know about Martin’s Apple Chips news via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using the hashtag #ChangeYourChip.

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