Man brings snake onto Vancouver bus

Dec 19 2017, 4:23 pm

Ophidiophobes beware, there are “Snakes On A Bus!” Despite TransLink’s rules on bringing animals and pets onto transit, this large snake managed to slither onto a Vancouver transit bus.

The large snake appears to be a boa constrictor and was seen yesterday aboard the No. 8 Fraser Street bus wrapped around the presumed owner’s waist. With passengers photographed sitting so close to the man and his snake, the snake and fellow passengers did not seem to mind the unusual situation. Perhaps this was the owner’s way of claiming private space on public transit?

For the record, TransLink allows small dogs, cats, rabbits and other small fur-bearing or feathered animals as long as they are fully enclosed inside small, hand-held cages that fit on your lap or feet. Assistance animals are also permitted, however, they must be harnessed and leashed at all times.

Maybe we should add a 26th “no snakes on transit” rule to our comprehensive list of public transit etiquettes and rules you should know and follow!

Snake on bus in Vancouver

Snake on bus in Vancouver

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