LRT Denial System Chew On This!

Dec 19 2017, 11:50 am

Behold I give you the loyal readers of the Buzz a set of articles I found whilst scouring the Internets.

  • Redress Sought on St. Clair
  • Sheppard’s Prometheon Endeavour

No doubt this will yield an unruly blow to the minions purporting at grade LRT down Broadway. Gone is your idiotic argument of less impact on business. Gone is your idea that this can be brought on line a lot faster than an underground rapid transit system.

The fact is that any transit system down Broadway will result in business disruptions. If you believe otherwise, than you are dumber than Money J Skeets. Remember, this isn’t a build and then develop scenario. This is to service the needs of existing density along the corridor.

To the people at the south of the Fraser, you are getting new bridges and there will be an extention of the expo line, so keep your bitching to a minum while you drive gaz guzzling SUV’s and then have the nerve to complain about high gas prices.

Now with the recent monies thrown at that bullshit Hazel & Co. owner, businesses are started to falsify their balance sheets to take money they NEVER would have earned in that time frame. $600,000! give me a fucking break, there is no way you would have made that much PROFIT. I think $100,000 settlement if any was warranted. Last I checked you had money to open up a new shop at the expense of the taxpayer no doubt.

Why don’t you go back to finding homes for the homeless in downtown Vancouver and continue to ghettoize them in a neighbourhood littered with drugs. That is what you do best, no?

Go ahead asshats, start your whining and usual superior than thou bullshit! Viz.

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