The Lotto Max jackpot could hit $70 million; here's what you could buy with that

Apr 25 2019, 6:54 am

“I don’t want millions of dollars,” said no one ever. And that’s because huge amounts of money can buy things — out-of-this-world kinds of things.

Well, maybe you don’t have to spend your life dreaming about the things you could/would do if you, let’s say… had millions of dollars in the bank. This could soon be a reality because Lotto Max now has bigger jackpots that can grow up to $70 million.

Draws are on Fridays and Tuesdays now, too. And that means that you’ll be seeing jackpots grow in record time. So, if you won, what would you do with all that cash once you finally stop crying with joy?

Maybe you’d love to start your own company or go straight to the airport and get a one-way flight to the place you’ve been wanting to visit all your life. But anyone could do that; why not dream bigger?

Here’s a look at some of the things you could buy as an instant multi-millionaire.

Buy yourself an island

Private island/Shutterstock

Who needs Fyre Fest when you can throw your own? Right now, there are islands all over the world for sale that cost a fraction of the amount you would pay to buy a home in Downtown Vancouver. (It hurt us to type that one out.) According to CNN Money, certain islands around the world, from tropical to windswept, are on sale for less than $100,000. Build a luxury vacation retreat on the island and spend as long as you like there every year.

Stop meal planning and start hiring personal chefs


Chances are, meal planning is one of those things that you love to hate. Of course, you want to eat healthily, but that often involves searching for recipes online and many trips to the grocery store. If you won the Lotto Max jackpot, you could hire a small team of personal chefs to craft healthy, Instagrammable meals for you — every single day of the week.

Buy a ticket to outer space

You don’t need to be an astronaut to experience outer space because Richard Branson’s Virgin Galatic spacecraft could take you there. In 2018, Branson told CNBC that it was “two or three test flights away from taking passengers to space.” Tickets are priced at $250,000 per flight so if you really enjoy the journey, you could always take another flight sometime later.

Any home can feel like home when you have a home in every country


Let’s be real, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you wanted to have a home in every province, you could do that. But you could even do something bigger by having a home in every country. This could include buying properties, staying at rentals, or choosing time-share options. Life was never meant to be lived in one place, and as a multi-millionaire, you would have the freedom to travel as often as you like. We expect to see captions like “This is the life” on your Instagram feed.

Experience life on the ocean


To-date, if you’re like most of us mere mortals, the only boats you’ve ever travelled on have been BC Ferries. But with your newfound wealth, you’ll have the luxury of renting out a plethora of boats to explore the ocean. Stop for a spot of swimming, snorkelling, visit nearby islands, or top up your tan on deck as you feel the warm ocean breeze on your face. The options are truly endless.

Shop for a personal shopper


Imagine having your own personal shopper, someone who knows the latest trends and exactly what outfits would suit you. Well, soon you could be looking to hire your first personal shopper to solve all of your style woes and have you looking amazing every day. Whether you choose to design a new walk-in wardrobe for all of your new clothes is completely in your hands.

With draws now on Tuesdays and Fridays, and jackpots that can grow up to $70 million, you could be living your best millionaire life any day now!

To play, you must be 19+. Get your tickets in-store or online at

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