$60 million Lotto Max jackpot is up for grabs this week

Jul 22 2020, 6:23 am

Imagine being $60 million richer by the end of this weekend?

The total prize pool for this Friday’s Lotto Max draw will be about $66 million, including a jackpot of $60 million and approximately six prizes of $1 million (Maxmillions).

The big-time prize pool is close to Lotto Max’s all-time highest giveaway. On February 25, a family of eight from Quebec City won a cool $70 million, Loto-Quebec’s biggest jackpot ever awarded.

Millionaire-hopefuls can buy tickets in-store or online.


If you do end up striking gold and winning big, don’t forget who steered you in the right direction leading up to Friday’s big loot.