Quebecer wins his second Lotto Max jackpot in 10-year span

Jun 19 2020, 7:05 am

Being a multi-millionaire is probably a nice status to have, but being a multi multi-millionaire is probably even nicer.

Michel Bordeleau from Mauricie just got his second once-in-a-lifetime moment after winning his second lottery of the decade. Bordeleau snagged the $15 million June 16 Lotto Max ticket after splitting $25 mill with ten other winners in 2010.

At this pace, Bordeleau is trending to win his third lottery by 2030.

“I stood there frozen when I realized I was winning for a second time,” said Bordeleau in a Lotto Max press release, “it’s just unbelievable!”

Bordeleau bought the winning ticket at the same store as ‘millionaire round one’ and they’ll receive another hefty commission for issuing the big time ticket, again.

Bordeleau says he plans to share the jackpot with his family, his wife and three children.

Side note, can there be such thing as a professional lottery winner?

Tyler JadahTyler Jadah

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