This new Cab Sauv may have just become our favourite wine

Apr 8 2022, 3:34 pm

I can safely say one of my favourite moments is when I shut down my laptop at the end of a workday, pour myself a generous glass of red wine, and turn off for the evening — there’s just something so comforting about this moment. 

So when I discovered not only that a delicious, deep red wine from the Columbian Valley was finally arriving on BCLIQUOR store shelves, but also that I was the one who would be given an exclusive taste for this story, you could say I was excited. 

Lost Peak is a Cabernet Sauvignon (aka my personal favourite type of red), a Columbia Valley Vintage that sits at 14%, and promises expressive flavours with a smooth, delectable finish. But I needed to be the judge to see (and taste) it for myself.

Truly wine-derful

I wouldn’t consider myself a wine connoisseur by any means, but as described above, I’m a fan of wine with specific leniency to a deep, oaky red that’s smooth, dry, and full of flavour. 

I screwed off the cap and poured a glass for myself and three of my loved ones (I mean sharing is caring, right?). We spun the wine in the glass to bring in the air — even the smell that emanated from the glass was inviting. 

Oh, that first sip — the room fell completely silent until my fiancee piped up and said, “Well, this is smooth.”

Think a soft first touch with herb on the nose, followed by a strong flavour build, with hints of blackberry and plum coming through beautifully, and slight undertones of darker tastes like chocolate and coffee.

On the third sip, I opened my mouth to aerate and the flavour gained even more depth with each profile coming through stronger. Rather than assaulting the taste buds as so many wines do, this vino was extremely easy on the palate. 

We collectively agreed the bottle would pair perfectly with a steak.

A vineyard protected from the rain 

Lost Peaks

So how does a vineyard produce a wine with such depth? Location, location, location. 

Nestled along the Columbia River, the Vineyard is located near the Cascade Range atop a cliff overlooking the flowing waters (stunning views while sipping some delicious vino? Count us in). 

And given the mountain range is lost amongst the clouds for most of the year, the peaks provide a rain shadow (Vancouver needs one of these). And since the vineyard is sheltered from the dreariest weather, the winery has the soil necessary to create bold, expressive, fruity flavours with moderate weight and structure.

Starting at just $23.99, Lost Peaks delivers delectable flavour at an affordable price. In BC, visit your nearest BCLIQUOR store. In Edmonton and Calgary, you can find a bottle at Wine & Beyond as well as various Liquor Connects. And in Montreal, you can purchase this delicious vino at De La Montagne.  

Trust us when we say, this is a vino just waiting to be discovered. 

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