One of Whistler's most popular lakes has been closed due to toad migration

Aug 1 2018, 7:11 pm

Lost Lake Park, a popular Whistler destination for locals and visitors alike, is undergoing a temporary closure.

According to a statement from the Resort Municipality of Whistler, “tens of thousands of tiny Western ‘toadlets'” have begun their great migration from the shores of Lost Lake into the surrounding forest.

Almost all of the toads have now emerged from the lake and are currently making the trek through wetland and across beach area into nearby forests.

In order to protect the species during an essential life stage, the municipality of Whistler has announced that they’ll be closing portions of the park for the duration of the migration.

Starting Wednesday, August 1, the Lost Lake Park beach and surrounding lawn areas will be closed.

The Lost Lake Park access road and parking lot have also been closed to vehicle traffic, although visitors are encouraged to walk or bike into the open areas to view the migration.

Transit to park will not be running until the beach area re-opens and food trucks scheduled have been cancelled until further notice.

The Lost Lake loop trail, dog beach, and docks will remain open and can be accessed via the access road.

Visitors are asked to tread carefully and walk their bicycles, however, as toadlets can be no bigger than the size of a dime.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler will announce when beach access reopens to the public.

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