Rescuers find lost hiker who spent the night stuck on Grouse Mountain

Jun 17 2022, 5:09 pm

North Shore Rescue escorted a lost hiker to safety early Friday morning after he spent Thursday night stuck on Grouse Mountain.

The call about the lost hiker came in Thursday night, and the search and rescue organization said his cellphone’s location put him about 900 metres into Mackay Creek.

One crew began trekking up Grouse looking for the man, while a second crew started searching from the top of the mountain moving downward.

“He was located in steep terrain, off trail,” NSR said in a Facebook post.

After checking the man to see if he was injured, rescuers assisted him out of the top spot.

The hiker got out safely after spending longer than he planned on the mountain.

Hikers are reminded to pack the 10 essentials when they go out and to leave a trip plan with someone they trust — who can activate search and rescue if they’re overdue.

Megan DevlinMegan Devlin

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