Looking For Canucks Tickets Check out this Hilarious Craigslist Ad

Dec 19 2017, 4:58 am

Some poor soul out there is actually being dragged to a musical and has to give up his Canucks ticket. Now that is questionable at any point during the playoffs. However, this is the Stanley Cup Finals and I feel the wife should let the guy go. Props to the guy for being a man of his word. To the wife, I have really nothing nice to say so I’ll keep my mouth shut this one time. Here’s the link and check out the copy below.

I have to sell my ticket to the Canucks game 2, section 313 row 14. Hard Copy ticket

I am unable to go because I have to go to a fucking piece of shit musical with my wife (whom I love). I had agreed to go, and since the NHL decided to make the most retarded schedule they could, I have to give up my ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals to see some piece of shit musical with some bitches singing about some crap I don’t care about. It’s a terrible seat, you will have a terrible time at the game, the beer tastes like crap and costs $10 each… Price is firm because I don’t want to sell it.

Poor guy.

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