Richmond company sells 'lightsaber umbrella' designed for nighttime safety

Dec 19 2017, 1:57 pm

A new ‘lightsaber umbrella’ design by three sisters in Richmond could help increase pedestrian nighttime safety during the wet and dark winter nights.

H3 Group’s ‘Be Seen Brella’ is built with a shaft that is illuminated by a bright LED light to make anyone visible to vehicles, cyclists and other pedestrians. With the click of a button, the umbrella can also change to seven different colours, including an option that can alternate all seven colours in rapid succession.

But there is more with this umbrella gadget: it is also equipped with a flashlight at the base of the umbrella handle, which can be used to light up a dark foot path or search for keys.

Hala, one of the three Awad sisters, told Vancity Buzz that the umbrella design was a response to the recent spike in incidents of vehicle accidents involving pedestrian injuries and deaths.

“As mothers of little ones, street safety is always forefront in our minds and with our gloomy rain weather and our short dark days it’s important to Be Seen at night,” Hala told Vancity Buzz. “So we really wanted a way to keep ourselves visible to cars and others on the street and we wanted to do it in a fun way that would engage our kids and teach them about street safety as well.”

The recently established small business plans to launch its website at the end of this month, but it is already taking individual and customized corporate orders through its Facebook page. The Be Seen Umbrellas are imported and can be purchased in royal blue, black, purple or white for $19.95.

At this time, H3 Group only carries their Be Seen Brella in adult sizes, but it will launch a line for kids shortly.

be seen brella lightsaber umbrella 6
Image: H3 Group

be seen brella lightsaber umbrella 2
Image: H3 Group

be seen brella lightsaber umbrella 3
Image: H3 Group

be seen brella lightsaber umbrella 4
Image: H3 Group

Feature Image: H3 Group