5 Vancouver meal kit delivery services that will change your life

May 19 2018, 3:47 am

Adulting is hard, and can sometimes feel impossible. In those moments, the temptation to eat an entire tub of whipped cream for dinner can quickly become reality, even if you know you’ll regret it almost immediately.

But luckily you live in Vancouver, where a ton of amazing meal prep services are just a click away.

These fresh and local meal kit services ship all the ingredients and instructions needed to make a meal you can be proud of, and many of them take just 30 minutes to cook up. These meals will change your life (in a very specific, meal-focused way).

Fresh Prep

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Most Canadian meal kit services ship to Vancouver, but only one has local headquarters. Fresh Prep is based in Vancouver and services most of BC. It uses only the freshest ingredients that are local and organic whenever possible. Their meal kits offer portion sizes to feed anywhere from 2 to 12 people, containing meat or veggie recipes designed by an in-house chef and approved by a nutritionist.

This means you’ll be getting the best of the best, especially since Fresh Prep’s meats contain no unnecessary antibiotics and hormones. And if you’re not as confident in your knife skills as you could be, Fresh Prep pre-chops most ingredients for you.

And let’s sweeten the deal with a deal: Fresh Prep is currently running a promotion for three free meals when you use the code VANCITY18 at checkout.

Chefs Plate

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Based in Toronto, Chef’s Plate offers new weekly menus which are designed by their culinary team. This meal kit service helps you make healthy eats with step-by-step recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Chef’s Plate is also currently delivering meals inspired by MasterChef Canada.


If you haven’t already heard of HelloFresh, it serves Canada with an HQ based in Berlin. It also has chef-curated recipes for all kinds of foodies and farm-fresh ingredients that allow you to maintain a healthy diet while you’re working a hectic schedule. All you have to do is choose what day suits you best for delivery between Monday to Saturday.

Miss Fresh

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Online meal kit service, Miss Fresh, delivers across Canada, and its HQ is based in Montreal. You can choose between breakfast, snacks, and dinner boxes in custom, veggie, or chef style, so you have plenty of options if you want to change up your order from one week to the next.

Vital Supply Co.

Vital Supply Co. is a cafe located on Vancouver’s Powell Street that also runs a delivery meal kit service. Everything on the menu is 100% gluten, dairy, refined sugar-free, and organically sourced where possible. If you can round up a group of coworkers and arrange to have delicious pre-made meals delivered right to your office, this is the lunch option for you.

With all these options at your fingertips, the only real question is: What are you having for your next meal? If you’re ready for some real adulting and want something healthy, use the VANCITY18 code on freshprep.ca and get started!

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