Local company is taking Santa visits virtual this Christmas

Nov 25 2020, 9:34 pm

It’s no surprise that Christmas looks a little different this year. However, despite challenges placed on some of our most treasured traditions, there’s a solution that might just answer at least one of your holiday question marks this year.

We’re talking about the tradition that little kids love the most — when they actually get to visit Santa, see his jolly smile, hear his bellowing laugh, and tell him what they want for Christmas.

The Canadian company Siegel Entertainment Curation is taking this event online, offering flexible and virtual visits with an accredited Santa. It’ll be safer, more inclusive, and without the long lines or pushy mall patrons.

Plus, if you book before December 1 with promo code Earlybird25, you’ll get an extra 25% off!

Parents can book a specific time when they can log in so their kids have the chance to meet and talk with Santa. In these times, kids of all ages should get to have some one-on-one time with the big guy from the North Pole. There’s even an option for Mrs. Claus to join!

“After this year, everyone could use a meeting with Santa,” shares Kelly Daines, the Creative Director and Owner of Siegel Entertainment Curation. “Kids of all ages need to know that the spirit of the holidays is actually greater in times like these. The warmth of family and the spirit of giving is all the more powerful and important after the year we’ve had!”

Book a 10-minute check in with Santa for a chance for your child to say hello, say they’ve been good this year, and go over their wish list. Another option is to book either sing-along music time or a customized musical performance (featuring your favourite holiday tunes). The company also offers longer visits with Santa so that the entire family can enjoy the Christmas spirit together.

There might still be the odd mall Santa you can wait in line for, but this virtual experience with Santa has so much more going for it. Obviously, there are no lines to wait in and no people to social distance from. All in, it’s a much more private — and relaxing — option for your family.

Besides avoiding busy lines and crowded places, this is also a chance to see Santa in his own home, calling straight from the North Pole! It’s an updated version of the old tradition of getting your Santa letter in the mail. Kids’ eyes will light up when you surprise them with the virtual visit in a believable setting.

Traditional Santa photography sessions can cost up to $50. Through Siegel Entertainment Curation, entire packages start at $40 with Santa. If you’d like to customize your experience further, there are plenty of options on the website for an added cost.

For decades, Siegel Entertainment Curation has been curating five-star entertainment solutions working with local and international performers across North America. Due to the pandemic, they’ve pivoted in this new way to present Santa to a generation of kids who might not otherwise get that experience.

Daines says this transition felt natural to them from the beginning. “We have been providing live performance experiences for luxury hotels, corporate and private events across North America with great success and so now, with so many limitations to what we can do live, the next best thing was to have an intimate and engaging entertainment experience in your home.”

Part of what sets Siegel Entertainment Curation apart is that they’re very aware that Santa wasn’t exactly the red and white, rosy-cheeked figure we know from commercials. He really lived in the 4th century in what is present-day Turkey.

“I wanted more kids to be able to look at Santa and feel like they can relate to him. Santa is a representation of seasonal love and joy, and those things are universal,” shares Daines.

That’s why for this Virtual Holiday Experience, when you meet Santa and the other musicians, you have the option to meet a Santa from a diversity of backgrounds. Christmas should be a time of joy, and being inclusive means every child has that chance. 

Book now with Siegel Entertainment Curation to definitely make the nice list this year.

Book a Virtual Visit with Santa

When: November 23 to December 25
Price: Starting at $40 per ten minute call with a 25% discount if you book before December 1 using code Earlybird25

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