Finally, an app that makes the renting process simple and safe

Sep 27 2018, 12:53 am

Everyone experiences renting at one stage or another in their life. It gives you the freedom to live in your favourite cities and neighbourhoods, opt-in for a short or longer-term lease, and decide whether investing in the housing market is for you.

Of course, all the perks of renting come with some downsides — setting up viewings, filling out applications, checking credit scores, and chasing down money. These hassles affect both renters and landlords on the regular.

But one Vancouver app has set out to change that:

Mobile app/

Founded in 2015, the Vancouver-based company has reimagined the rental process with an easy-to-use mobile app that basically makes renting simple and safe. securely digitizes every step of the process, alleviating the headaches associated with finding a home or renting out a property.

And it was inspired by the experience of tenants and landlords, so you know it has you covered on either end of the spectrum.


These are just some of the app’s features:

  • Easy property searching – A smart, user-friendly interface helps you search through verified listings and book and manage viewings.
  • Paperless rental applications – Fill in your application details once and apply for as many properties as you like with a simple click of a button.
  • Intelligent renter/landlord matchmaking platform – The app’s algorithm pairs quality people with quality places. A Digital Renter Resume, quick and easy to complete, provides landlords with all the key information about you, enhancing your chances of securing a place and removing the stress of a landlord interviews.
  • Renter/Landlord verification – liv builds trust through credit checks powered by Equifax, rent payment guarantees, and landlord/tenant ratings, verifying each rental to rule out fraudulent listings.
  • Paperless tenancy agreements – Agreements are permanently stored and can be shared and signed digitally – no more misplaced contracts.
  • Rent payment processing – Finally, you can do away with all those cheques and pay by credit card. Landlords then draw payment from a linked Stripe account. is available for download now on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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