Instagram like counts returning to Canadian accounts was a 'technical error'

Jul 17 2019, 7:59 pm

For a few, brief hours on Wednesday, July 16, Instagram likes counts returned to some Canadian accounts.

The abrupt shift back to displaying a number showing how many accounts had liked any given post came back with no official announcement from the social media company, taking place two and a half months after the counts were removed in what Instagram stated was a nation-wide test back in May.

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Luckily enough for the Canadian Instagrammers who noticed the shift on Wednesday (and were quite vocal about their dismay), Instagram has confirmed with Daily Hive that the brief switch was merely a technical error.

The test will continue on in Canada with no set timeline for when it will end (if ever), though the company noted that they are excited by the early results they are seeing.

If the reaction from Canadians users on Twitter is anything to go off of, the news of the test continuing may well be a blessing to Instagrammers across the country:

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