Lifestyles of Vancouver: Kelvin Lopes

Jul 2 2016, 4:30 am

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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Kelvin Lopes grew up a basketball player, graffiti art enthusiast, and has always been passionate about style and fashion. He moved to Vancouver in 2012 to study marketing and to work as a model.

What inspired you to pursue modelling?

Good question. I have always been into fashion and since people always told me I had a good look for modeling, I decided to look for an agency. It wasn’t until I left Brazil and came to Vancouver to study in 2012 that I decided I was ready to begin this new journey.


Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

How were you discovered?

A friend of mine, who’s a former model, submitted some of my photos to her agent and I got called in for an interview. Everything happened so fast and I decided that the agency wasn’t really what I was looking for at the moment. Shortly after my interview, I submitted my photos to other agencies around in Vancouver until I got picked up by one of them, and that’s how it all started.

Is it difficult to model while you are in school?

In my case, it’s manageable. Unfortunately, the modelling market in Vancouver is fairly small compared to other cities in Canada like Toronto and Montreal, so there isn’t a lot going on, especially for men.


Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

What are you studying and why?

I’m a marketing student. I chose marketing because I personally find it to be the most creative aspect of the business world, which fits my personality really well. I also consider myself entrepreneurial. I believe that the skills I am learning as a marketing student could help me with any other business-related activities I perform in the future.

What was your hometown like in Sao Paulo-Brazil?

Sao Paulo is a large and lively city. Growing up in a suburb of Sao Paulo was interesting. I would always have to be aware of my surroundings, who I hung out with, and where I was – it made me a little more street smart. I grew up as a basketball player and graffiti art enthusiast, which got me into trouble here and there but I had a great time. Sometimes I miss the warm, welcoming, and tropical culture there is in Brazil. And not to mention, the food!

Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Of all places, why did you move to Vancouver?

I first came to Vancity in 2010 as an exchange student to learn English and play basketball (a dream of mine). At first I wanted to go to LA, but unfortunately as an exchange student I couldn’t pick the city I wanted to going to – I could end up anywhere. During my time here I fell in love with this beautiful city and decided to come back for University.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies consist of working out and reading books (mainly fashion magazines, biographies, self-help, and business books). Also, I have decided to take my friend’s advice and start a fashion blog dedicated to menswear and lifestyle. This has been my biggest hobby at the moment. I have been dedicating a lot of time and energy to come up with something more than average for readers.

Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Are you required to have a certain level of education in fashion to model?

I don’t think it’s required. If the agent or the client thinks you have a good look, they will make it work. They are the ones dressing and guiding you at the end of the day. However, having a certain level of education in fashion will help you as a model. If you already dress well or know how to walk and pose from watching fashion shows or reading fashion magazines, you can incorporate these lessons into your shoots or shows.

What is the most quintessential “Latin” thing you do? What about in relation to you style?

Pretty much everything I do. I feel like my personality is a reflection of my background. I grew up and lived in Brazil most of my life, so I feel like that is what shaped me to be who I am. My personality is my style.

To keep up with Kelvin Lopes, find him on Instagram at @kelvinlopes123 or his style blog.

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