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Jun 16 2016, 3:58 am

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Jordan Sangster is a fashion student by day, works in fashion retail by night, and is a writer for Style Nine to Five in between all the chaos. Jordan is known for her social media presence as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

What inspired you to work in the fashion industry?

Vancity Vogue was where I first got inspired to be in the fashion industry. I loved their style and their look, so I really lucked out when I got the opportunity to write with them. My mother is passionate about fashion and has a great sense of style, so I get a lot of my wardrobe inspiration from her.


Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Does working in the fashion industry inspire you to experiment with trends outside your comfort zone?

The best part of my job and being in the fashion industry is wearing something I may not have been comfortable with a year ago. I used to live in the Okanagan before moving to Vancouver and it took me a while before I could comfortably throw on a big faux fur coat in the morning because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable wearing it around a small town. The whole point of fashion is expressing who you are by wearing what you love and being confident and comfortable while doing so.

What advice would you give someone who would like to, “Dress for Success”? 

You have to dress to present yourself and your brand positively. How you dress reflects not only you, but your employer as well. You’re not going to show up to a business meeting in flip-flops, sweats and a tank top! If you dress professionally, people are going to look at you as a professional and take you seriously.

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Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

What would you tell people who are hesitant with experimenting with trends?

Just go for it! What’s the worst that could happen? Experimenting with fashion is how you find your style and going outside your comfort zone is what makes it fun. There are no boundaries and no limits. Wearing and doing things differently will make you stand out amongst the others.

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Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Looking back, what trend did you least appreciate? 

I can’t say I don’t appreciate any trends because I appreciate fashion as a whole. There may be some things I wouldn’t personally wear, but, I still appreciate the thought and process that went into those pieces of clothing to become a trend.

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Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

What trends do you foresee in both men’s and women’s fashion for Fall 2016?

Fabulous Furs and long coats are huge for both men and women this Fall season. Whether it’s fur boots, coats, or even shoes, you can expect to see it everywhere. I was really fond of Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Calvin Klein’s use of grey for men on their runways. Different shades of grey, whether it was suits, coats, or layering different tones can provide a very classic look which I think will catch on. 70s style is going to be big too, so I’m excited to be snagging a few thigh high boots for myself.

Have you attended any local fashion shows this year?

I attended Vancouver Fashion Week. Now that I’m living in Vancouver full time, I’ll be attending more of the local Vancouver fashion shows.


Image: Lifestyles of Vancouver/Lesa Astifo/Brenddan McCooey

Are there any local Vancouver boutiques you recommend visiting?

I stumbled upon Hollywood Boutique in Yaletown when I first moved here in August. Between their music, and decor, it’s definitely somewhere I love to shop. Another great store is LBV. It is a chic and trendy online shop, carrying a lot of exclusive brands and designers.

What advice would you share with individuals interested in working in the fashion industry?

Be yourself, be creative, stay grounded and be prepared to work your a** off. Be prepared to bring something unique to the table that will make you stand out. Always act professional, especially through social media. What you post on social media reflects you, your business and your employer.

To keep up with Jordan Sangster, visit her Instagram account: @jsangsterr

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