Pyjamas all day: Why this Canadian label is raising the bar for comfort

Nov 12 2019, 11:03 am

Have you ever woke up in the morning and wished you could wear your pyjamas to work?

We all know there’s nothing worse than an eight-hour day in uncomfortable pants or a top that’s too tight under the arms. No matter what career you have, whether you’re on your feet all day or sitting at a desk — comfortable clothing is essential and shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for style.

LEZÉ the Label, a sustainable, Vancouver-based brand, was established on this very principle. Founders Karen Lee and Tanya Lee had enough of buying uncomfortable, expensive workwear, so they set out to design anti-wrinkle garments that feel like wearing pyjamas all day long.

In 2018, the duo’s Kickstarter campaign for ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Pants‘ was funded in under 12 hours, raising over $250,000.

“When we hit the $100K mark, we were overwhelmed with surprise and gratitude, realizing our idea had legs,” Karen Lee tells Daily Hive.

Earlier in their careers, the pair launched a wedding planning business which exposed them to a different side of startup life. But they didn’t let their past failures define their future, and receiving funding through Kickstarter motivated them to keep going.

Karen Lee and Tanya Lee/Allison Kuhl

Innovation is woven into everything they do — and their current hero ingredient is reused coffee grinds.

The label’s Americano Collection features a range of smart casual pieces made with recycled polyester, eco-friendly materials, and reused coffee grinds.

The brand reports that an average, 99.8% of coffee grinds are thrown away, and only 0.02% actually make it into your Americano. Adding this element to the design process eliminates body odours in LEZÉ garments and allows for fast drying.

“We promote ‘wearing your coffee’ for an anti-wrinkle, temperature regulating, and anti-odour start and end to every day, ” says Lee. She explains that their collection literally feels like pyjamas, so you can stay comfortable at all times.

LEZÉ styles are minimal to encourage wearers to pair pieces with different outfits, regardless of the dress code.

The co-founders predict that, in the coming years, sustainable fashion will be more widely accessible and accepted as the standard for all brands.

“Among the brands that inspire us, we hope to use LEZÉ as a vessel to shift certain stereotypes away from a sustainable granola mentality and introduce a conscious shift for all consumers.”

Lee admits that every high is paired with a low due to the contrast of events the team experiences in a typical day. “LEZÉ has been the toughest dream come true, but what keeps us going is creating from the heart and chasing the vision of our future.”

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Through LEZÉ, Lee says they hope to connect women of all shapes and sizes to their own comfort and freedom, so they can spend more time crushing career goals.

Check out more of the brand’s designs on Instagram.