Everyone had plenty of opinions about Auston Matthews’ NHL Awards look

Jun 22 2022, 6:17 pm

Auston Matthews was the star of the show at this year’s NHL awards — for a whole sort of reasons.

On Tuesday night, Matthews was selected as the winner of both the Lindsay and Hart Trophy, winning two different MVP trophies as handed out by the players’ association as well as the media.

Matthews completed what was unquestionably the strongest individual regular season in Leafs’ history, scoring a team-record 60 goals in just 73 games while adding 46 assists for a total of 106 points.

But outside of his trio of trophies as he’d previously won the Rocket Richard as the NHL’s leading goal scorer, Matthews was generating buzz for his — ahem — intriguing fashion choices.

“They said we could go somewhat casual. I don’t love wearing a tie, if I’m being honest with you. It’s hot,” Matthews told reporters about the awards show in Tampa, Florida.

Matthews was decked out in a Gucci suit, with his top button undone.

“Trying to go a little casual with ya tonight,” he added. “Let the chest breathe a little bit. It’s sticky out there.

But sparking even more conversation than the style was Matthews’ hairline. Choosing to slick his hair back, Matthews’ signature forehead was on full display for the photos.

Fans had plenty of opinions about Auston Matthews’ look at the NHL Awards:

Hairline chirps be damned, it was still one heck of a season from Matthews, who took home 119 first-place votes to Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid’s 29 to win his first Hart Trophy.

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