Lay's has just released a Swiss Chalet Sauce flavoured potato chip

Sep 7 2016, 12:27 am

Chalet Sauce is not a soup. Or so I’ve been told repeatedly throughout my life…

Despite what polite company might be thinking (they’re probably just jealous), no one at restaurant-level has ever discouraged me from drinking the savoury sauce straight from the bowl.

Clearly the company knows the cult status that the secret dipping sauce enjoys and now they’ve partnered with Lay’s Chips to debut an ultra-Canadian snack mash-up in the form of Lay’s Chalet Sauce flavoured chips.

Newly launched this September, the collaboration from the two iconic Cannuck brands will be available while quantities last at participating Swiss Chalet restaurants in both 255g and 40g bags.

Now someone needs to crush these things up and roll a maple-glazed doughnut through them, then we can forget most Canadian chip and move on to contending for the most Canadian food ever.

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