Lawn Summer Nights is a classy good cause

Dec 19 2017, 7:16 pm

Lawn bowling brings to mind white linen and V-necks paired with tennis bracelets; the gentle titter of conversation floating on a balmy breeze; the tinkle of martini glasses; slightly senior folks with Velcro orthopaedics.

The only part of this image that remains intact at Vancouver’s Lawn Summer Nights is the lawn bowling itself. The social atmosphere has been replaced with an inclusive, fun-filled vibe that has made LNS “the” place to be on Thursdays in July.

It’s trending hard, and even has its own hashtag, #LawnMillion.

LNS originated as a campaign to raise funds for Eva Markvoort and her battle against cystic fibrosis. Since its inception in 2010, it has gained such crazy popularity that team spots become unavailable in 60 seconds online.

To find out why these spots are so coveted, I spoke with Natalie Burgwin. By day, she’s a Public Relations guru. On Thursday nights, the 29-year-old transforms into part of The Troops of BeverLAWNhills.

From her, I learned that Lawn Summer Nights is a classy good cause for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Natalie, it’s clear to me that LSN is the place to be on Thursdays in Vancouver this summer. Please describe how I’m a fool for missing out.

Picture this: The sun is beating down on the glistening city of Vancouver. It’s 6:00pm. On a normal weekday this might might mean time to go home and wind down. But it’s a Thursday in July. It’s time to freshen up, don your best outfit and socialize over chilled white wine while engaging in a sport one one might consider rare for a crowd under-40-year-olds.

It’s Lawn Summer Nights and it’s the place to be on a Thursday evening. It’ll offer you new friends, roars of laughter, but best of all, it’ll offer the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation much-needed funds to attack the disease from every angle.

And just how classy IS LSN?

An evening at Lawn Summer Nights is as classy as the Queen, as much fun as water slides, and as fulfilling for your soul as Memphis Blues is for your stomach.

If you like to look good – like really good – and laugh – like, laugh out loud – you should probably come. If you like to scowl, you should probably stay home and watch a Netflix marathon with the blinds closed.

Some of us weren’t able to get a team and are relegated to a Netflix-cave. Tell me how you got involved.

As I approached the Granville Lawn Bowling Club lawn, I locked eyes with a gorgeous specimen across the pitch … I smiled as she approached, shaking out her long blonde hair. I was speechless. That fairy tale moment took place four more times until I had met each one of my teammates: The Troops of BeverLAWNhills. Our team of girl scouts now touts one of the most impressive scores on the leader board. And when I say impressive, I’m referring to the fact that we have yet to win one game.

Let’s get some dirt! Who’s the best player? Most improved? Most enthusiastic?

I would definitely say that the best lawn bowler on the team can be declared as the individual whom has consumed the most chilled white wine at the time. So it ebbs and flows. Last week it was me, but this week with the support, inspiration and encouragement I believe that it could be Meghan. It’s all about teamwork here people.

Lawn Summer Nights is clearly the place to be. Photo credit: Lawn Summer Nights.

Lawn Summer Nights is clearly the place to be. Photo credit: Lawn Summer Nights.

It seems like you’re all on a pretty even playing field. What do you personally hope to get from doing LSN this summer?

It’s time to get real here. I do have a realistic grasp of what this organized social event can offer me and you should too, which is why I’m willing to share what I think I’ll gain after four Thursdays with Lawn Summer Nights:

1. An impeccable tan

2. Lifelong happiness

3. Flawless nutrition

4. Washboard abs

5. A loving husband

Jokes aside – if you enjoyed this article – please consider donating even $2.00 to Natalie’s donation page. And if Natalie’s Mom is reading this, she wanted me to remind you that you haven’t donated yet.

*End of interview.*


Feature Image: Natalie Burgwin / Connect wtih Natalie Burgwin on Twitter @nburgwin

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