Laura Marling Vancouver 2017 show at the Vogue

Feb 17 2017, 7:15 pm

British folk singer-songwriter and musician Laura Marling is hitting Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre on April 26.

Fans can anticipate some of her greatest hits, including many from her sixth album titled Semper femina, which means ‘always a woman.’

The album consist of songs that are influenced by her fierce intelligence and unique take on womanhood – a result from her growing out of a masculine time in her life.

According to Marling, her album is all about the realities and illusions of womanhood, and as a result, it marks a shift in her career.

“The time and the political climate that we live in, we’re coming to a point where there’s no need for this sort of artistic expression that I’ve been a part of,” she says.

“Innocent creativity had a little flourish in the last ten years. But also I’m getting older and now I think ‘What use is that?’ It’s not rooted, not pointed, not political. For me right now I feel like it’s more important that I have a practical use.”

With Marling’s latest focus on “re-writing the idea of [the] tragic woman,” fans can expect an emotional show with songs that have more than one meaning.

Laura Marling at Vogue Theatre

When: April 26
Where: Vogue Theatre
Price: Tickets $32.50, buy online