Latest 'Yes' stunt puts beer on the SkyTrain

Dec 19 2017, 10:27 pm

Burnaby brewery, Dageraad Brewing has ideas on how to deliver their beer faster.

The Owner and Brewer at Dageraad, Ben Coli, tested a new route to his drop-off locations on Thursday when he towed a few kegs of beer onto the SkyTrain.

“One guy thought I was bringing propane on the SkyTrain. Another older lady must have been thinking the same thing. She asked if I was going to blow up the train,” he told Business in Vancouver.

But Coli’s intentions weren’t to frighten passengers; he wanted to make people think twice about voting ‘No’ in the transit plebiscite.

“Traffic is bad and it’s only getting worse. I feel strongly that for the local economy and the livability of the region, something has to be done. We can’t sit on our hands waiting for some mythical plan B. We have to act now,” he said.

With the way transit is currently, Coli doesn’t want to make SkyTrain beer deliveries a part of his routine.

He says that he’ll be returning to driving, saying “Skytrain is the fastest, most reliable way to get across the city, but I can’t use it to deliver all my beer. Investing in transit will get people off the road and free up space for my delivery van.”

“It’s not really a practical thing for us. Honestly, if all I was doing was going to one place with a couple kegs, it might actually be reasonable. But we have to go to a lot of places and I can’t carry that many kegs on the train,” Coli added, in an interview with Business in Vancouver.

He does believe that better transit will clear up the roads so people who need to drive can get where they are going, faster: “Congestion impacts small businesses in British Columbia by slowing the flow of goods and making delivery times less predictable. Employees, stuck in traffic, arrive late for work, production schedules are affected and costs are driven up.”

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