Wayward otter eludes capture, steals bait and takes another fish

Nov 22 2018, 5:05 pm

A koi-eating otter at the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden is still at large and garden staff, as well as the Vancouver Park Board, are considering extreme measures as a “last resort.”

The otter, who was first spotted moving through Carroll Street in Chinatown, arrived at the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden on Sunday, November 17.

The staff at the garden shared that six of the koi have been eaten, with the carcasses of the fish buried and scattered among the garden.

The Vancouver Park Board set several traps, in hopes of safely relocating the otter, although the wily animal managed to steal the bait without getting caught.





“There were traps filled with salmon, turkey, and chicken,” says Debbie Cheung, communications manager at Sun Yat-Sen.

Cheung also shared that the last resort includes draining the pond, although she hopes the otter is caught before such an extreme measure is needed.

“It’s really clever,” Cheung emphasizes.

It still remains unknown as to how the otter arrived in the gardens, though the Vancouver Park Board believe it may have come from False Creek or the Burrard Inlet.

In the meantime, the otter’s social presence has only grown within the city. A Twitter account has been started for the “Chinatown Otter” that’s quickly gathering followers.

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