The bi-annual lifestyle tradeshow KNOWSHOW begins today at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Each January and August since 2006 select brands have showcased new products in the fields of sportswear, street fashion, skateboarding apparel and more. For Vancouver this is the end all of tradeshows, there is no other event that more comprehensively displays niche brands as well as labels that most of us would immediately recognize. To coincide with KNOWSHOW this year, KNOWMAG has brought us their 13th issue featuring an interesting and hilarious selection of content. F as in Frank, Native Shoes, Lifetime, Super, WeSC, Kangol and others make an appearance in two photo sets titled HAPPENSTANCE and STILL GOT IT – the styling is on point and leaves us wondering what else is slated for this year.

Here is the photo set from STILL GOT IT. This old man still has plenty of game left in him.

Alongside the show itself taking place August 9th to 11th, various events have been planned around the city so make sure to check those out here.

Photography: Brendan Meadows & Brett Beadle
Styling: Tanus Lewis & Kendra Jasper