Canadian mathematics-learning startup secures $20M in Series A funding

Oct 20 2020, 11:16 pm

A Canadian-born tech company is changing the way that students learn mathematics.

Knowledgehook, defined as “the world’s most comprehensive mathematics learning platform,” has just secured $20 million in Series A financing. The funding was led by a London-based EdTech investment fund, as well as Mesoamerica’s Alexandria Corp., Nelson Education, Ideal Ventures, and Nicoya Ventures.

The program is designed to give instructional guidance to teachers and create immersive, game-based learning for students at home and in school.

Teachers who use the program have access to content aligned with their school and jurisdiction’s curriculum. They can assign content in English, French, and Spanish and then receive insights on how students develop and any possible learning gaps.

By creating ongoing feedback, teachers can adjust instruction and monitor student progress.

In addition to the successful round of funding, Knowledgehook has garnered industry partnerships and investments from education brands like Nelson, Radix, Spectrum, Eastpoint, Nasco Education, and the University College of London.

They currently empower educators across more than 100,000 schools, with the goal of reaching 50 million students globally by 2021.

“Knowledgehook was inspired by my own struggle with math as a kid,” explains co-founder and chief executive officer of Knowledgehook, Travis Ratnam, in a statement. “Having the right, personalized guidance makes all the difference and every student deserves to have a teacher who has access to the best pedagogical tools, and parents who have insights into their learning challenges.”

And with the ongoing pandemic, creating stronger environments for children to learn at home has been more important than ever.

“Now more than ever, we know that teachers and parents both play an essential role in helping children learn,” Ratnam adds.

“The pandemic has heightened the need for digital solutions that focus on building teacher capacity to deliver high-quality math instruction both in classrooms and in remote learning environments.”

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