Knights of Dunsmuir: Zaremba Bros. Get Real About Floating and Ayahuasca

Dec 19 2017, 10:30 pm

Did you have a good week? It’s a zen like episode of Knights of Dunsmuir. Trevor and Jayme invited the Float House owners and brothers, Mike and Andy Zaremba, to the AMP Records Studio to talk about floating in a sensory deprivation tank and their experiences with the psychedelic brew ayahuasca.

There are things known, and things unknown, and in between are the Doors.

Many of you have probably heard of floating and some of you might be wondering what is this floating you speak of? For the last couple of years, Andy and Mike have been operating the Float House here in Vancouver and Victoria. People from all walks of life purchase time to lay in a sensory deprivation tank and hit the mental reset button.

We live in a world of noise and distraction where we are glued to our gadgets, slaves to our routine and rarely do we actually take a moment to look deep within ourselves or take the time to sit in complete quiet and meditation.

The Float house gives you the opportunity to sit for ninety minutes in complete floating solitude. It’s pitch black, there is no sound (unless you request soft music) and it’s just you floating on salted water that is warmed to your body temperature. It’s a trip and a mental journey that releases so much stress and pent up anxiety.

Have a listen to our 5th episode and let Mike and Andy explain the benefits of floating as well share personal stories about their spiritual exploration with ayahuasca in the jungles of Peru. They also talk a little bit about their new podcast called Vancouver Real. We highly recommend you check it out and add them to your podcasting network.

Major thanks goes out to Mike and Andy Zaremba. Follow Float House on Twitter and check out their fantastic website and book your floating experience soon.

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