Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says sleeveless tops 'demeaning' for female TV anchors

Feb 15 2018, 12:10 am

Canada’s first and only female Prime Minister Kim Campbell has some strong feelings about female news anchors who wear sleeveless tops on TV and she decided to voice her opinions on social media.

Campbell took to Twitter on February 13 and sent a strongly worded message about sleeveless blouses, calling the clothing choice “demeaning” to women.

“I am struck by how many women on television news wear sleeveless dresses-often when sitting with suited men. I have always felt it was demeaning to the women and this suggests that I am right. Bare arms undermine credibility and gravitas!” said Campbell on Twitter.

It’s still unclear how a sleeveless shirt undermines someone’s credibility. Or maybe Campbell is just a big fan of turtlenecks and blazers.

But remember folks, these comments are coming from the same woman who posed for this picture in 1990.

Kim Campbell

Barbara Woodley

Photographer Barbara Woodley snapped this picture of Campbell (who was Canada’s Justice Minister at the time)  in 1990. Campbell posed with her robe in front of her bare shoulders.

This is not to say Campbell should be shamed for this picture, but simply rather to point out the hypocrisy of her recent comments.

And many seem to agree.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said she “firmly believe(s) in the right of Canadians to bare arms.”

Many others took time to clap back at Campbell on Twitter.

But Campbell isn’t backing down. She took to Twitter again to tell her haters to “contact scholars” who have conducted research about skin exposure and perception.

Sorry Kim, most of us probably don’t have time to do that. But we do have time to put on a sleeveless shirt and “bare arms” because (in case you haven’t checked) it’s 2018.

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