Kijiji's giving away bikes to celebrate Vancouver as the biking capital of Canada (CONTEST)

Sep 15 2016, 5:36 pm

It’s becoming increasingly archaic to drive a car in Vancouver.

The alternative? Just hop into a bike lane and feel the happy rush of traveling seamlessly as you say sayanara to the straggling cars. Vancouver’s growing infrastructure is making vehicles obsolete, also counteracting your traveling blahs.



Us locals don’t like to brag about it, but we are super lucky. All these changes deserve a roaring applause since they’ve revolutionized Vancouver as the biking capital of Canada. Sitting in a stuffy car surrounded by angry drivers? No thanks. Biking is your artillery against all that nuisance.

Maybe you borrow a bike from a friend, resort to bike sharing programs, or zip in and out of a bike rental shop to feed your cycling bug. But why do that when having your own bike is so liberating, convenient, and fun?



All you have to do to land your own set of wheels is to join a city-wide scavenger hunt. To celebrate Vancouver’s rich biking infrastructure and culture, Kijiji and Ride On Bikes are giving away one bike a day for 24 days. Whether it’s a hybrid, speed or road bike, you can find the wheels for you. Just follow the details found below to ride away in style.




Each day for 24 days a bike will be given away in the Vancouver area, courtesy of Kijiji and Ride On Bikes.


To join in on the scavenger hunt over the next 24 days, follow the directions below:

1. Head to @KijijiVancouver on Instagram from September 19 to October 12, where one image will be revealed daily, serving as that day’s clue. The post’s caption will help lead you to the bike’s location as well as the code to unlock the bike.

2. Hit the streets. After all, it’s a race.

3. Be the first to discover the mystery location.

4. Unlock the bike with the code Kijiji provided in the Instagram post and ride away.

Follow @KijijiVancouver on Instagram for details and for daily clues to find the bikes. Remember to use the hashtag #UnlockABikeYVR to join in on the magic.

P.S. If you can’t find one of these sweet bikes, you can find other awesome second-hand ones on Have fun.

This giveaway is being run under Kijiji’s own terms and conditions.

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