This could be the ultimate SUV for urban adventures in BC (VIDEO)

Aug 17 2020, 7:33 pm

Living in BC fosters a genuine appreciation for the summer.¬†After months of isolation, rain, and gloomy days, it’s time to make the most of this season by exploring what lies beyond our backyards.

Although things are a little different in comparison to summers past, we still have the freedom to craft our own unique adventures. This requires unlocking your creativity and utilizing what’s available to you. You might not be able to fly to¬†New York, but you can do a DIY food tour — trying pies from NY-style pizzerias or munching on food truck snacks — here in Vancouver.

Whether your kind of urban adventure involves indulging in mouthwatering food, hiking a local mountain for the first time, or paddleboarding on the waters of¬†Alouette¬†Lake, the new Kia Seltos can take you there with ease. We’ve partnered with Lower Mainland Kia Dealers to show you how.

Smooth navigation

Many of us are taking time to reconnect with nature this summer (mountain biking, anyone?). Hiking or camping in the backcountry often involves driving down forest service roads which can be a little rough to navigate in an older car.

With the Seltos’ available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, this kind of terrain is much less intimidating. The AWD system allows for better traction and handling, meaning you don’t have to worry about gravel paths (or the Coquihalla during winter road trips). The¬†sub-compact SUV even lets you choose your preferred ride — relaxing, fuel-efficient, or sporty — with its Drive Mode Select feature.

Safety first

Local travel is top of mind for most people this year, and this increases the likelihood of roads being busier.

To help you stay safe, the Seltos acts almost like a second set of eyes on the road. It has available Lane-Follow Assist technology that detects the lines on the road and keeps you in the centre of the lane. Meanwhile, the available Advanced Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system can detect a potential collision earlier. The system releases an audio alert to warn you, and it also automatically applies the brakes to help prevent or reduce the impact.

Similarly, if you signal a lane change and there’s a vehicle in or approaching your blind spot, the available Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist system gives you a visual alert on the outside mirrors. When necessary, an audio alert is also issued.

In-vehicle technology

Every road trip and adventure needs a vibrant soundtrack or a podcast rich in storytelling to go along with it — especially if you’re travelling up north in BC or out into the¬†Okanagan.

Chances are you also might need to join calls for work while you drive or check messages when you pull over. The Seltos makes it easy to stay connected on the road with pre-installed Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

The spacious sub-compact SUV also has available¬†UVO Intelligence, a mobile app providing advanced support and services to ensure you feel secure and confident behind the wheel. Everything from remote starting your vehicle, to finding your car, to vehicle diagnostics are included — and it’s all free for the first three years.

It’s often hard to predict what you’ll encounter during a BC adventure, and the all-new Kia Seltos can help facilitate each experience. The sub-compact SUV is designed to connect you with your region — in the moment — so you never have to miss a thing again.

To find out how the Kia Seltos can fuel your upcoming adventures and to locate a Dealer near you, visit

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