Keep your dog smiling - clean its teeth!

Dec 20 2017, 5:03 am

The BC SPCA says it’s spending $350,000 a year on doggy dental hygiene – because British Columbians aren’t brushing their canine’s canines.

“We estimate that 15 to 20% of animals who come into our care require dentals that range from a cleaning, to cleaning plus (tooth) extractions,” said COO Mark Takhar in a release.

Vernon and District branch manager Chelsea Taylor highlighted two recent cases where one dog had to have eight teeth pulled out, while the other had to have 17 teeth extracted.

“Humans need dental care every day – why wouldn’t your pet?” Taylor asked.

“Your pet will have better breath, and dental disease can lead to serious problems with your pet’s organs or other parts of his body,” she says.

“Your pets are good at hiding pain – you might not even know they have a serious dental problem unless it’s highly advanced.”

For more info on caring for your animals, visit the BC SPCA website.

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