This furniture store is having a 25% off everything spring sale

Apr 4 2022, 5:49 pm

The spring season is the perfect time for an indoor refresh. Longer days are here, and warmth and sunshine are (however seemingly in the distance) on the horizon.

It’s the perfect time to declutter all those Christmas gifts you haven’t found a use for (sorry Grandma), sweep up the dust bunnies that have made a home under your bed, and create space for new items that will make your home a summer sanctuary.

And just in time for the urge to purge everything in your apartment is a spring sale from Canadian brand Kavuus. The mid-century modern store is offering 25% off everything. So whether it’s a new couch, coffee table, or bed frame you can’t stop thinking about, Kavuus has you covered.

The shop opened in 2009 and with its unique online delivery method, it’s been able to offer high-end furniture without the extra costs that come with brick and mortar stores. And since Kavuus manufacturers all of their products right here in Canada, they offer customization options and a quick turnaround with online orders.

Some other Kavuus quality perks are that all frames are built with pressed Baltic Birch to ensure strength and quality, fabrics are free of chemicals (like those nasty flame retardants), and all pieces are put together by highly experienced upholsterers.

If you’re looking for more customizations — or even wish to have a completely different design done — you can submit a full custom request to Kavuus.

Kavuus offers shipping at a flat rate, and if you don’t love what you ordered, there’s a 30-day return policy. You can also visit the Delta showroom in-person to get a feel for the pieces IRL.

To check out more Kavuus pieces and to get more spring inspiration for your space, visit

Kavuus Spring Sale

When: Starting April 1, online and in-person
Where: 669 Ridley Place, Unit 210, Delta

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