These photographers have set up a professional studio for your pets

Jun 4 2021, 9:35 pm

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Sometimes, there’s a concept or business that just makes perfect sense. Brilliant entrepreneurs are able to see these gaps in the market, often because it comes from their passions, talents, and ability to take the risk to actually do it.

It’s an understatement to say that the city of Vancouver loves their pets and their Instagrammable photos. Emily Lim and Catherine Li are the owners of Kapture 9 Studios, a pet photography studio that opened in Richmond in February.

These two understand how important our pets are to us, and they just want to give you a memory of them that will last forever.

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946, like local artists. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Emily Lim about this brilliant idea for a business that now seems so obvious.

“We aim to give owners unique photos of their pets,” Lim told Daily Hive. “Every pet that comes to the studio is different  and we want to capture their quirks and personality,” she added.

Like every pet owner, these two Vancouver area locals loved to take pictures of their dogs. Being photographers themselves, and noticing that everyone else was just like them, they were inspired to pursue this idea.

“After taking photos of our own dog and looking back at the photos we realized how much they meant to us,” Lim told us. “We started taking photos of the neighbourhood dogs at our near by park and other owners also really cherished the photos of their dogs. Through that we decided to pursue photographing pets further,” she added.

The incredible photos they are able to capture is incredible. Just like people, their personalities truly come out in these stills. Serious or goofy, these images capture the pets personalities. Their work is entirely original, but they do have inspirations from other talented people doing a similar thing.

Our number 1 influence is our dog Cappuccino, but some pet photographers we love are and @paw_shots,” she said.

Because Vancouver is so full of talented artists, the city understands amazing concepts and embraces them. It’s part of the reason why the city is so eclectic and embracing of local businesses. It can also be difficult to break through because there is so much quality work here.

The biggest challenge has been getting attention,” said Lim. “There so many talented people in Vancouver that offer different things, so just getting out there and differentiating ourselves has been the most difficult thing,” she added.

Kapture 9 Studios has still found impressive success, due to their hard work, experience, and dedication to their craft.

Catherine Li is one of the owners and photographer,” said Lim.

“She graduated from Langara’s  Professional Photography Program in 2020. She spent some of 2020 working with a local retoucher before starting Kapture 9. With every shoot we do we try to make it our best and keep improving our work,” she added.

What keeps these two going, customers so happy, and Kapture 9 Studios so successful stems from the same thing — the ability to give a keepsake of the pets that we love so much.

The response from our clients has been overwhelming,” said Lim. “Everyone has made it such a positive experience for us. To be able to give pet owners a fun experience and photos that the can cherish of their pet is such a blessing,” she also added.

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