Justin Bieber berated for wearing fur

Dec 21 2016, 6:59 pm

Canada’s golden child Justin Bieber is under fire for his questionable fashion choice.

The star stepped out in LA on December 19, wearing a huge heavy fur coat in 16°C weather.

TMZ caught up with Bieber and asked if the jacket was real fur, to which he responded, “Hell yeah, it’s f***ing real.”

Bieber’s nonchalant response had animal rights group PETA fuming.

“It’s a shame (Justin Bieber) continues to show the world his disregard for animals and the cruelty they endure for fashion,” PETA tweeted.

It’s not just PETA that is criticizing Bieber’s fur fashion faux pas. Twitter had a field day highlighting Bieber’s ill-taste in clothing.

And of course, people took the opportunity to poke fun at Bieber as well. Many pointed out that his fur jacket also made him look like the monkey that was spotted wearing a jacket in Ikea back in 2012.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has been in trouble with PETA. In 2013, his pet monkey was seized by German customs when the star did not provide the monkey’s vaccination papers. A zoo is now taking after the animal.

In May 2016, PETA criticized Bieber after he posed for a picture with a chained tiger in Toronto.