Out-doubles is the latest trend to hit Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 9:01 pm

If you’ve ever wished you had a clone to do your chores while staying in, then you’ll be a fan of a new service that’s taking Vancouver by storm.

A new phenomenon is enabling thousands of residents to hire a food delivery service that JUST EAT has dubbed, “out-doubles.”

People all over the city are using this “out-double” service so they can stay in while their out-double leaves the house to do their dirty work.

They’ll do all your annoying tasks like attending those awkward dinners with the boss and his wife or helping an acquaintance move.

Real Housewives of Vancouver star Mary Zilba has been using the service for quite some time.

“My life is much less stressful now,” says Zilba. “My JUST EAT out-double goes out for me, attends public appearances, and takes my dog to the groomer. Now I can stay home, order food and get my beauty rest!”

YouTube star and local prankster Chengman admits he hasn’t gotten off the couch since getting his out-double. “I love it! I’ve been staying home, eating, and working out while my out-double does my pranks for me.”

According to JUST EAT marketing director Daniel Tallon, the service is making the lives of Vancouverites easier.

“We’re just responding to the needs of our generation,” says Tallon. “We know there’s nothing better than staying in, but for those times when you must go out, we recommend getting an out-double,so they can go out and you can enjoy staying in.”

A new study about clubbing by The Guardian has found that even among those aged 18 to 35, 67% say a night in is preferable to a night out.

Beloved local musician Dan Mangan is another celebrity who’s been taking advantage of the service.

“I’ve been able to catch up on much needed me time, stay inside and enjoy my JUST EAT delivery,” says Mangan.

Check out this live news coverage regarding JUST EAT’s new phenomenon.

[youtube id=”2Wv41qZGnTY”]

With such star power behind the trend, it’s no surprise the general public is clamouring to get their own out-doubles.

“We’re extremely happy with how the program has been received and we’re working around the clock to meet consumer demand,” says Tallon.

In the meantime, JUST EAT is offering $5 off your next order when you enter the code OUTDBL5 in the checkout until April 10. The JUST EAT app is available for download at the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store or on the JUST EAT Canada website.

Follow JUST EAT on Instagram to learn how to win your own out-double. Contest launches on April 4.

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