Junos & The State of Mainstream Canadian Music

Dec 19 2017, 12:19 pm

With the Junos this weekend I thought maybe it would be nice to reflect on better times in Canadian Music History – ones that don’t involve Justin Bieber trending on Twitter – Stereos auto-tuned pop-punk that would make T-Pain sick and wishing we only knew Billy Talent as the former guitar player for the band Hardcore Logo.

Enjoy these old but still classic videos of just plain better music:

Moist – former winners of a couple Junos back in the day, here is a great performance from one of the best Canadian 90’s rock acts – and girls everywhere undeniably would still jump David Ushers bones


The Tragically Hip – this video is so old that I’m pretty sure it’s from when they just had the Junos in someones basement but still an epic performance of an amazing poetic story by Gord Downie, when songs had structure and lyrics meaning…


Alanis Morissette – still an anthem for many angry women and a karaoke favourite, a song that even Beyonce gives props having covered it on her recent tour, back when girls had breasts and didn’t look like Justin Bieber


Barenaked Ladies – they may not be quite the same anymore but for more than a decade they were the best thing to come out of Canada, making it big in the states and winners of 6 Juno awards


Our Lady Peace – I didn’t want to put them in here but really we can’t deny that Clumsy is still probably in the bottom of our closets covered in dust and we keep it there so we don’t tear up when we hear 4am and it will be nice to see them come to Vancouver in May to perform Clumsy in it’s entirety (hope you have tickets because that is SOLD OUT)


These are just a few examples, I happened to be feeling very nostalgic and after seeing more than enough ads for the Juno’s this weekend I just wanted to hopefully remind everyone that just because Canadian mainstream music sucks now…it was at one time, the best.

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