The Juice Cleanse Diary: Day 4/5

Dec 19 2017, 8:23 pm

Come along on my first Juice Cleanse, courtesy of the awesome guys at The Juice Truck.

One more day left…Stop by, shoot your questions at me below, or just leave some final cheers! Hoping my account will help those of you interested or on the fence about giving your first juice cleanse a shot.
(Missed Day 3?)

Day 4

Today was incredible! I actually felt like I wasn’t even on a juice cleanse. I had many people asking with a hint of worry (or was it pity?), how I was “holding up,” if I was hungry.  But I felt fine. In fact, at no point during this juice cleanse have I felt hungry. I have felt sugar highs (when I drank too fast), and mental fogginess and fatigue (when I forgot to drink), but it was never discomforts coming from my stomach. I actually feel like I’m always perfectly full – rather than that heaviness we sometimes get after a feast, I constantly feel a lightness, my stomach as a passageway for food, rather than a storehouse.

A liquid-only cleanse makes your body absorb nutrients and sugar much more efficiently because you’re not ingesting very much fiber so your digestive system has to do less work. When I sip, I literally can feel the juice nourishing my body and giving me the calories I need, which makes me much more conscious of this fact: The foods we consume = the energy that fuels us. It’s simple, but I think many of us forget this; otherwise we wouldn’t overeat as much as we do as a society. Or undereat. Or choose junk foods as much as we do.

Thanks for prying me from my desk, ladies – and for sipping your juices with me!

ENERGY: 9/10
Like I said, I’ve been feeling in tip-top shape today. I’ve figured out how to pace my [juice ;)] drinking so there are no crashes. I sometimes share a third or half of my juice with someone and top off the bottle with water to lessen the sweetness of the juice, too. With Day 4 behind me and Day 5 ahead, I’m getting a bit tired of sweetness (hard to believe, for those who know me).

Tonight at Trivia Night, “Twin Peaks” came up in conversation, which naturally led to a mention of a particular dish at The Black Lodge: The curry poutine. (Thanks, Krystle…) Naturally, I’m still salivating.

Just drinking juice. On a juice cleanse, there’s nothing wrong with having the same vegetables found in the juices, but raw – which I did today. My friend cooked Mexican for us tonight (Mira, did you get inspired by my craving from Day 2…? Just kidding). I opted, in lieu of the delicious fajitas and wine, to chow down on some celery and carrots as a side to my Protein Milk. (They tried some too, and loved it!)

mexican feast

Can you tell where I was sitting?

While munching down on a carrot stick, I was hit with the knowledge of how little we really savor the foods we eat. I had forgotten the unique textures each food has, and how incredibly satisfying it is to chew and chew and chew. I chewed until I almost made carrot juice, and though I didn’t keep this up (it takes a long time!), I hope that when I go back to (read: transition back to) regular eating again, I’ll remember this and take an extra moment or two with each bite.

Tonight’s post is dedicated to all the lovely people out there who have encouraged me on my juice cleanse journey thus far: My supportive coworkers who drank juice with me at lunch; friends who remembered to not offer me wine with my dinner (when we all know I’m counting the hours…); and all you awesome peeps who are thumbs-upping my posts, hating on them, commenting, asking questions, doing whatever it takes to help me share as honest an experience as I can. Merci! Hvala! Gracias! Danke! etc.

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