JOEY restaurants is sending its chefs to Portugal and Morocco

Sep 19 2017, 1:16 am

We all know JOEY restaurants as a staple in our communities, but what we may not know is that it’s a globally-inspired brand.

The restaurants find inspiration through their passion and ability to learn, explore, and create globally – bringing menu items home with a twist.

Morocco/JOEY restaurants

The restaurants’ global experiences serve as the catalyst for its own original dishes. Its staff loves learning, exploring, creating, and bringing pieces of other cultures back home, making it their own.

Portugal/JOEY restaurants

And that’s where the JOEY Chef Trip comes in. Every two to four years, JOEY takes all of its chefs on a two week cooking and bonding adventure to a new location. The last trip took them to London and Spain while this year they’ll travel to Portugal and Morrocco where they’ll experience a variety of different cooking related activities, meeting and cooking with locals in the process. JOEY invests in its people, empowering its chefs to evolve, create, and work as a team.

They are strong on their own, but they are stronger together as a united army of chefs.

Chef trip/JOEY restaurants

You can stay in the know about the company’s Chef Trip via Instagram beginning September 15 to follow their journey – using the hashtag #globallyinspired.

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