Joe Rogan Wants UFC in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am

For those of you who are fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) you are probably well aware that the UFC is not coming to Vancouver anytime soon.You can thank our boneheaded politicians for that. You see the politicians don’t understand the UFC and instead of learning about it they just out right banned it because it was declared to be too violent and may be a possible legal liability. UFC bouts also aren’t regulated by the athletic commission.

UFC has done shows in Canada before. In Montreal the show sold out in mere minutes as home Georges St. Pierre was the main attraction. They’ll be in Montreal again. If memory serves me correctly a few years ago Bodog did an event at the Pacific Coliseum that sold out.

This may all change as UFC host Joe Rogan (who will be bringing his comedy act to the River Rock) will attempt to grab Richmond city hall’s attention. If Richmond says no, he’ll go to Coquitlam.

The customers want it, The River Rock wants it, GM Place officials want it. WTF! Come on Gregor time to give the people what they want. If we can have boxing bouts here I’m sure we can have UFC here. Set up an BC Athletics commission to handle this.

Lets hope we can bring UFC to Vancouver soon! This political bullshit in our city is too much, besides we sure can use additional money in our coffers.

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