8 work from home jobs that pay $90,000 or more

Nov 20 2018, 11:10 pm

With wages and salaries on the rise, many professionals are leveraging the market to find different kinds of work benefits.

According to FlexJobs, a flexible-employment company based out of Boulder, Colorado, one of the most commonly sought-after benefits is the ability for flexible hours or remote work.

That’s why they wanted to share the top jobs that you can work from home – even if you’re a Canadian, working for an American company.

We’re not just talking about telemarketing or data entry either, we’re talking about making some serious money and having opportunities for long-term growth.

FlexJobs states that each of these jobs is a full-time position, offers remote work options, and requires advanced experience and education.

Here are eight jobs you can work from home that pay $70,000 annually or more – all salaries listed below are in USD, so we’ll leave the conversion up to you.

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Senior Mobile Engineer

Salary Listed: $90,000 to $120,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Mobile Lead, Senior Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer, Senior Software Engineer – Mobile Games

Front End Engineer

Salary Listed: $85,000 to $120,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Senior Front End Engineer, Front End Software Engineer, Principal Front End Engineer

Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Salary Listed: $120,000

Similar titles: Automation Quality Assurance Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Cloud Operations Developer

Salary Listed: $95,00 to $115,000

Similar titles: Cloud Systems Developer, Senior Developer – Cloud, Senior Cloud Engineer

Software Testing Engineer

Salary Listed: $90,000 t0 $115,000

Similar titles: Senior Software Engineer-Test Platforms, Software Engineer-Test and Infrastructure

Director of Customer Success

Salary Listed: $80,000 to $115,000

Similar titles: Customer Success Manager, Vice President of Customer Success, Director of Client Success

Business Development Manager

Salary Listed: $70,000 to $100,000

Similar titles: eCommerce Business Development Manager, IT Business Development Manager, Senior Business Development Manager

Internal Support Engineer

Salary Listed: $95,000 to $115,000

Similar titles: Technical Support Engineer, Product Support Engineer, Customer Success Support Engineer

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