7 jobs projected to be in high demand in BC in the next decade

Feb 25 2021, 4:25 pm

The pandemic has flipped things upside down — and the job market is no exception.

During this time, many may feel a sense of uncertainty about the future. On the bright side, this period of quiet isolation has created space for pursuing new ambitions, proving that sometimes a bump in the road can be a catalyst for positive change.

Plus, as many post-secondary programs exceedingly adapt to the online world, access to credentials that can jumpstart or further people’s careers has never been closer. Vancouver’s Langara College offers education options for those looking to branch out and embark on a promising career path in a variety of growing sectors.

The pandemic may be disruptive, but it doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of opportunities out there — and a great place to start is seeing which careers and industries will be in demand in years to come.

So, whether you’re looking to get started, change fields, or move up in your career, WorkBC projects these promising program areas will lead to a high number of available jobs over the next decade.

Business administration


With over 40,000 jobs expected to be added to the BC economy in the fields of accounting, business management, financial management, international business management, and marketing and sales, it’s a great time to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

This four-year program is hands-on, which means you can expect to work closely with organizations, applying your knowledge to business situations in multiple disciplines as you learn. Students will learn from guest speakers and industry experts — with ample opportunity to build business contacts.


It should come as no surprise that now, more than ever, nurses are vital to a functioning healthcare system and a healthy economy. BC anticipates adding over 23,740 nurses to its local hospitals and healthcare centres in the next decade.

Langara’s nationally-recognized Faculty of Nursing has lots of options for those looking to pursue employment caring for others. When embarking on a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, students are equipped with the broad base of knowledge and skills needed to work in an increasingly complex healthcare system. As a student, you’ll have access to a variety of different practice areas, like BC Children’s Hospital, for on-the-job learning.

Social and community services


Another field expected to grow exponentially — with the addition of over 18,830 jobs — is that of social and community services. Canada has a large aging population, increasing demand for caring, compassionate professionals in the sector.

An interdisciplinary program in Gerontology could be your gateway into a career in the health and social services sector as a social service worker, or a community service worker, providing a range of essential services for older adults and their families. Combining theory and practice, students gain specialized knowledge and skills that promote health and resilience throughout the aging process.

Data sciences

If you find joy in making sense of numbers, you could find yourself in one of 15,000 additional jobs projected to be a part of BC’s workforce in the next 10 years. Disciplines in this industry include information technology, bioinformatics, data analytics, web development, and web technology.

Langara is offering a new Bachelor of Science Degree in Bioinformatics. Through a combination of biology, math, and computer science, bioinformatics examines and makes sense of biological data like genetic sequences, genomes, epigenomes, proteomes, metabolomes, and microbiomes. By applying knowledge gained through the program, you could have a future in making new discoveries and solving some of the world’s most complex biological problems.

Early childhood education


Quality child care starts with early nurturing, which means there’s an increasing need — roughly 11,470 positions in the next decade — for early childhood educators. Fostering and helping develop the next generation is a task for those who are passionate about working with children.

Through the Early Childhood Education program, you will acquire all the practical experience and theoretical foundation for working with children and families, with the confidence to work in a variety of childcare settings.

Computer science

Computer whizzes may be thrilled to learn this high-demand sector is anticipated to grow by over 10,300 jobs in the years ahead. From programming to artificial intelligence, this wide-ranging field encompasses disciplines including computer engineering, information technology, and software engineering — and an Arts and Science Program in Computer Science can help you find your niche.

Graduates from Langara can always build on what they know and have the option to take advanced courses or transfer to a university once they’ve executed the necessary prerequisites. But getting started, you can expect both academic instruction and hands-on development.

Nutrition and food service management


This booming industry is expected to expand by over 9,820 jobs — and for good reason: proper nutrition is key for protecting health. For those who have a zeal for helping others lead more holistic lives and with an interest in nutrition, a Nutrition and Food Service Management program could be the first step towards a career in hospitality or healthcare food services.

The focus of this accredited diploma program is on the health care sector, and Langara graduates are in demand both in BC and across Canada. The curriculum incorporates core food service courses in food service management, operations, and nutrition combined with academic studies in related disciplines. Possible career opportunities include managing entire foodservice operations, purchasing supplies and maintaining inventory, training staff, implementing regular and therapeutic menus, and more. 

The job market may be changing, but training for an in-demand career can prepare you for a fulfilling vocation — and the first step is investing in yourself.

To see what the future has in store, you can attend one of Langara’s online drop-in sessions for more information or apply for a program of your choosing at langara.ca/possibilities.

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