Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans – The Falcon Lake Incident – Album Review (The Perfect Fall Album)

Dec 19 2017, 12:39 pm


Have you been looking for some new music to listen to while stuck inside on a rainy day, or on your nice long walks around the seawall with the crunching leaves underneath your feet? Look no further because I’ve found the perfect album for Fall, it comes from Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans, these good ol’ Canadian boys went out to a cabin in rural Manitoba for a few days and wrote an album together. That fact alone already got my interest peeked but after listening to the song on the website “Metal Girls” I was hooked and the rest of the album has since overtaken my iPod.

Jim Bryson is no stranger to collaborating either; he’s worked together with some amazing Canadian talent like Kathleen Edwards and the legendary Tragically Hip. On his 4th album “The Falcon Lake Incident” he gets help from the entire line up of the Weakerthans who are already in a sense indie-rock legends. The album features 10 incredible folk songs inspired by the beauty that is southern Manitoba in the -40 weather of January (ok maybe not so “beautiful”) but surrounded by nothing but forest and wildlife which really brings out a fantastic record. This probably won’t stand out on any record of the year lists and you will likely never hear a single song on the radio from this album but if you’re a lover of nature and the fall season I can 100% promise this album is for you. Load it on to your iPod (after you buy it on October 18th) and take yourself on a nice crisp fall walk and tell me that isn’t a feeling that comes close to the perfect sneeze or crack of the fingers.

So take a listen to the song “Metal Girls” below and on October 18th get on iTunes and check out this album, unless you are interested in getting the special edition package including the vinyl and some other goodies check out Jim Bryson’s website to purchase and get an instant download code.

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