Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien celebrates 86th birthday by indoor skydiving (PHOTOS)

Jan 13 2020, 7:54 pm

Jean Chrétien spent ten years as the Prime Minister of Canada and his 86th birthday inside a wind tunnel.

Talk about multi-talented.

Chrétien served as Canadian PM from 1993 to 2003 before retiring to spend more time with his family. The Shawinigan-native indeed spent time with his family this past Saturday, skydiving at Laval, Quebec’s SkyVenture with his great-grandson.

A short photo montage of a sky-high Chrétien was shared on social media by Steven Hogue, the former communication director for the 20th Prime Minister of Canada.

We’re not sure what you might have planned for future birthdays but Chrétien certainly set the bar high.


“Anyone who is in good health can fly in the wind tunnel,” reads the SkyVenture terms and conditions. “After just a few minutes, you will finally understand why birds sing!”

Guests are lifted into the air through the flight chamber’s airflow and an instructor is on-site to ensure 100% safety.

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