Jane's Walk in Vancouver brings celebrations and debates to the streets

Apr 21 2017, 6:11 pm

Are you an urban activist ready to walk with a purpose? Maybe you just want to celebrate and debate the future of your neighbourhood?

Then join the 11th annual Jane’s Walk in Vancouver this May.

Citizens can join any of the 23 planned Jane’s Walk events in the city and give their input on past, present to the future developments in Vancouver.

Local walks are led by fellow Vancouverites, but the city is just one of hundreds of other locations across the globe holding their own Jane’s Walk events.

The walks are a chance to highlight personal accounts of how public space is actually used and give everyone an opportunity to contribute to their city’s future.

Some of the walks in Vancouver will be led by Doug Smith, acting director of sustainability with the City of Vancouver and Nick Page, a biologist working for Vancouver Park Board.

Both Smith and Page are leading the walk across False Creek Basin to discuss “The changing shoreline.”

The walks can also be heartwarming or entertaining looks around your neighbourhood, led by the people who love to call it home.

Among the more fun walks this year are a tour of Vancouver’s nudist beach Wreck Beach and a stroll around the delicious Commercial Drive.

Jane’s Walk has been running since 2006, in honour of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs, who championed the interests of local residents over grand visions of the future.

Last year, Jane’s Walk held more than 1,000 events across 212 cities in 36 countries.

Jane’s Walk in Vancouver

When: Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May 7

Time: Varies according to the walk. Full schedule here.

Where: Currently there are 23 planned walks all across the city.

Admission: Free

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