There is a cafeteria inside Army and Navy where grilled cheese sandwiches are $1.75

May 10 2017, 1:01 am

If you’ve never been into the Army and Navy located at 36 West Cordova Street, then you’ve probably never heard of Jack’s Place – the lunch counter serving up hot and prepared food for a bargain price out of the discount department store.

Now, when we say bargain, we mean it – three full-sized grilled cheese sandwiches from this spot only cost us $5.26.

At that price, they are basically free.

Jack's Place_Army and Navy

Hanna Mclean/Daily Hive

Just like the Costco cafeteria or the Zellers Restaurant (RIP), Jack’s Place is a spot for Army and Navy shoppers to fill up on cheap and filling grub or a hot coffee or tea.

Jack's Place_Army and Navy

Hanna Mclean/Daily Hive

Inconspicuous and very exciting for those who enjoy getting a deal, other offerings from Jack’s include:

  • Sandwiches, $2.75
  • Soup, $2.25
  • Potato Salad, $2.25
  • Small Hotdog, $1.50
  • Canned Pop, $1.25
  • Coffee/Tea, $1.25 (plus $0.50 refills)
  • French Vanilla, Irish Cream, or Hot Chocolate, $1.25

With a few tables along the sides of the eatery, along with rows and rows of candy, chips, and non-perishable food items, patrons at Jack’s Place can bask in the ambiance of a supermarket atmosphere as they inhale their $1.50 small hotdog.

Some may call it grungy, but for those on a budget, it’s paradise.

Jack's Place_Army and Navy

Hanna Mclean/Daily Hive

Jack’s Place

Address: Inside Army and Navy, 36 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

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