It's easy going green: How to incorporate plants into your home decor

Apr 9 2021, 2:00 pm

Just a touch of green can change the feeling of the room and elevate it from simple to distinctive.

Plants have the ability to breathe life back into a room both aesthetically and literally by eliminating toxins in the air — talk about interactive decor!

Plants have the potential to liven up a space and add an element of natural colour. They also possess a unique ability to add dimension to a given space without breaking your focus from other exciting design elements.

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If you’ve never been much of a plant person but are looking for ways to incorporate them into your decor, there are some really awesome ways to play around with them in your space.

You can start subtle or make them the focus of your room. Either way, decorating with plants can be quite simple and makes achieving your design goals that much easier. 

Use them as a centrepiece

plant centrepiece

New West/ Kendall Ansell

Start simple and straightforward, and use your plants as a centrepiece to a dining or coffee table. This is a really quick and easy way to just kind of pop them down in a spot that feels natural and not too overwhelming. It will also help break up the appearance of the table and divert the eye to a focal point, which is a nice trick to make your table look set without actually setting it.

You can play with heights and width with your centrepieces depending on how you want the space to feel. Some tall florals or short and potted, succulent plants are undemanding ways to elevate your room. The best part about centrepieces is that they’re easy to change out depending on the season or mood. 

Keep the room subtle and let the plants pop

snake plant

East Boulevard/ Kendall Ansell

The look of simple, clean lines with a bright pop of natural green is so refreshing to see. This combination creates a peaceful and calm feeling in a room, which we can all use.

Keep the decor minimalistic and choose plants that have character and catch your eye.

Snake plants are a great option for this as they are really easy to take care of but have such a distinct and sharp look. Pair a snake plant with some neutrals and your room will feel sleek and exciting.

Don’t limit yourself to location

bathroom plant

Collingwood/ Kendall Ansell

Use plants in all areas of your home, don’t just stick to one corner or room you want to highlight.

By adding some greenery all around, in places like your bathroom or kitchen counters, you will create a cohesive and fresh look.

As we mentioned, plants really liven up the room they are in, so why wouldn’t you want to spread this element everywhere? If you’re not sure how to layer your plants or don’t want the fuss of larger plants everywhere, try smaller potted plants or pop them in a clean vase and place them in those spaces that feel a touch too empty.

Keep it low effort


Homer Mews/ Kendall Ansell

If you know you just don’t have a green thumb, that’s okay. Get some smaller succulent plants that require more minimal care, and sprinkle them around your home.

These are also a nice introduction to the world of plant decor as they don’t take up much space and are really easy to mix and match with each other to round out the area. 

Try getting a few succulents and matching pots for them. You can layer them together on a table to make their own focal point or pop them around on open tables to bring that green element your space has been missing.

Allow them to take up space

large plant

Burnaby/ Kendall Ansell

If you’re ready for a larger plant, you just have to commit.

Give it the space to grow and be an enhancement for the room it is occupying. Provide it with a designated spot, preferably by a window or natural light, and build some other decor pieces around it such as chairs and small tables.

Larger plants have the ability to grow and really be the star of any room. Using them to fill empty corners is one of the best hacks to make your room feel more collected, like every inch has been considered.

The best thing you can do when it comes to plants is just go for it. Start researching the different types and their care levels, to ensure you can handle the commitment. During your research process, if you have pets, be sure to find plants that are safest for them before bringing them home. From there, you can start filling your spaces with gorgeous greenery.

A room isn’t complete without some form of plant or greenery and they should be a staple in everyone’s decor. Once you discover the joy of plants in your decor, you will never be able to go back.

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