It Really Is Hard Out There For A Pimp

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

Apparently dressing up as a pimp for Halloween is a no-no. The arch bishop Don “magic” Juan will disagree with you, however, I ask you, the readers, is dressing up as a pimp worse than dressing up as an axe murderer?
Halloween itself is a tricky holiday, I mean we tell little kids not to take candy from strangers, yet on this day they dress up like Sponge Bob or Batman or whatever and beg complete strangers (in most instances) for candy. Does that make sense?
It’s an excuse to dress up and have a little fun. An escape if you will. If teens want to dress up as pimps, let the parents decide and not some Tri-cities service groups.
In our ever growing politically correct society in which you can’t use words such as retard, handicap etc… now they want to tell us what is appropriate for kids Halloween costumes. Give me a break and go worry about something else and stop projecting your views on to others.
Whether or not you let your kids decide to dress up as a pimp is a parental decision and these groups should stay out of it. After all they say “pimpin’ ain’t easy”, chuuch. I’m off to collect my money and drink the sweet whiskey from my diamond encrusted chalice.
DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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